Scientific seminar "Current Issues of the Budget Process in the EU. Practice of Poland and Hungary"


On October 4, 2023 the Center for European Studies of IMEMO held a Scientific Seminar "Current Issues of the Budget Process in the EU. Practice of Poland and Hungary" in a face-to-face format.

The event included presentations:

1. "The EU Common Budget: Response to External Challenges" (Elena Sidorova, Head of the Sector for the International Monetary and Financial Relations, Cand. of Science (Economics), Associate Professor);

2. "Mechanism of Conditionality of the Disbursement of Funds from the EU Budget: Practice of Application in Poland and Hungary" (Stanislav Kuvaldin, Research Fellow of the Center for European Studies, Cand. of Science (History).

The seminar discussed new aspects of the budget of the European Union in 2021-2027, as well as the specifics of interaction between Poland and Hungary with pan-European institutions within the framework of the financial process in modern conditions.

Reactions of the EU to external challenges and their reflection in the process of formation of the common budget of the association were considered, as well as the issues of the mechanism of conditionality of disbursement of funds from the budget of the European Union in the practice of Poland and Hungary.

The discussion was attended by Dr. of Sciences (Politics) Marina Strezhneva, Dr. of Sciences (Economics) V. Baranov, Cand. of Science (Economics) Agnessa Avilova, Cand. of Science (Economics) Aleksei Volkov, Cand. of Science (Law) Vladimir Olenchenko, Cand. of Science (Economics) Olga Trofimova, Cand. of Science (Economics) Anna Chetverikova.

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