Scientific Report "USChina Confrontation Monitor 2023"


The Center for North American Studies of IMEMO within the framework of the Research Project "Strategic Confrontation between the United States and China", has released the first Scientific report "USChina Confrontation Monitor 2023". The report is an analysis and monitoring of the key events in 2023 in the US-China conflict relations. 

Throughout 2023, the Center for North American Studies team monitored and analyzed US actions in this confrontation. Staying within their research agenda, the authors examine the US–China confrontation exclusively from the US side – the report analyzes the rhetoric, documents, and steps of the American side in this conflict. At the same time, the chronology also reflects the most important steps or statements of the Chinese side, as they help to better understand the US position.

In the presented issue, the authors focus, following the most eventfulness of the conflict in the past year, was on three key areas – trade, cybersecurity and regional policy. At the same time, the report is fully devoted to analyzing the activities of the federal government in these areas and only briefly examines the positions of American business. However, this is the first release of a larger work that will examine a wide variety of aspects and levels of confrontation between the two powers.

The Center for North American Studies plans to publish annual monitoring of the US–China confrontation as long as this conflict remains the main system-forming factor in the development of global processes.

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