Roundtable "Mutual Perception of Images of Russia and Armenia


On May 26 2023 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and "DIALOGUE" Public Organization held a Roundtable on "Mutual Perception of the Images of Russia and Armenia".

Eduard Solovyev, Head of IMEMO Center for post-Soviet Studies, Cand. of Science (Politics), moderated the Roundtable, and Alexander Krylov, Chief Research Fellow of the Center, Dr. of Science (History), made a presentation "Image of Russia in the Information Space of Armenia".

The participants discussed the following questions:
  • Image of Russia for Armenia: common history and common cultural heritage;
  • Image of Armenia for Russia: good neighborliness and the role of diaspora;
  • Mutual images in media space: cooperation through media, influence of social networks and Internet space in general;
  • Memory politics in Russia and Armenia: common features and prospects for development;
  • Role of public opinion in relations between Russia and Armenia;
  • Channels for strengthening the positive image of Russia and Armenia in their public and political discourse.

The event was attended by representatives of leading think tanks, scientific and educational institutions, and mass media from Russia and Armenia.

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