Roundtable "Peculiarities of the Policy of the Asia-Pacific Countries Towards India


On July 4, 2023 employees of the Center of the Indo-Pacific Region of IMEMO took part in the Roundtable "Peculiarities of the Policy of the Asia-Pacific Countries Towards India", organized by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS).

Alexey Kupriyanov, Head of the Center of the Indo-Pacific Region, Cand. of Science (History), made a presentation "Small Island States of the Indian Ocean and Regional Integration Initiatives of New Delhi". The report touched upon two complementary key integration projects in the region involving small island states: "Mausam" – a project for reconstruction and development of cultural ties and "SAGAR" – a project in the sphere of politics, economy and security. Both are presented in the most comfortable form for the Indian leadership, i.e., a set of basic provisions and principles, without a clear fixation on the goals and indicators to be achieved. Within the framework of these projects, India provides small countries with assistance ranging from humanitarian to military aid. Small countries accept it, but at the same time try to stay away from the Indian-Chinese confrontation, not entering into alliance with either side.  

Gleb Makarevich, Junior Research Fellow, in his report "Between Irreconcilability and Desire for Reconciliation: Features of Pakistan's Military Elites' Policy Towards India" expressed the opinion that Pakistan's military elites are satisfied with the paradoxical consensus on the impossibility of concessions to India and the need for peace with its eastern neighbor – this state of affairs allows the military to continue to remain the main political actor in the country.  

Elsa Shirgazina, Junior Research Fellow, in her report "The Himalayan Rivalry Front between India and China: Preconditions and Dynamics of Development" associate outlined the key preconditions for the emergence of the territorial dispute between the two countries and the grounds for its development. She gave a detailed description of the essence and content of the contradictions in the border problem and traced the main stages in the development of bilateral cooperation to resolve it.

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