Roundtable conference Results of the 2022 Legislative elections in France


On June 22, 2022, a Roundtable conference “Results of the 2022 Legislative elections in France” was held at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which brought together leading national experts on the problems of France and Europe.

At the event, presentations were made by scholars of Primakov National Reasearch Institute of World economy and International relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences.

M.V. Klinova, Doctor of Science (Economics), Leading Researcher, Section of European Countries’ Economy of the Center for European Studies: “Inflation and purchasing power as a background for Legislative Elections”;

A.A. Preobrazhenskaya, Ph.D. (Politics), Senior Researcher, Section for Social and Economic Development and Migration Processes Studies of the Department for Complex Socio-Economic Research: “Parties of the right camp in the Legislative elections: results that were not expected?”;

E.M. Tchernoutsan, Ph.D. (Economics), Senior Researcher, Section of Science and Innovation, Associate Professor of Moscow State Linguistic University: "The Specifics of Emmanuel Macron's Industrial Strategy: From Innovative Modernization to Technological Sovereignty (opportunities and risks)";

P.P. Timofeev, Ph.D. (Politics), Head of the Sector for Regional Issues and Conflicts of the Department for European Political Studies: “In search of a majority: E. Macron's ‘Ensemble’ alliance between challenges from the left and right in the 2022 Legislative elections".

Roundtable conference program (in Russian)

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In the forthcoming issue of World Economy and International Relations (No. 7, 2022), the central focus is on the analysis of different regions of Europe and European politics.



June 28-29, 2022 under the auspices of the International Forum, the Primakov Centre and the IMEMO Council of Young Scientists and Specialists are organizing a Youth Session of the Primakov Readings-2022 on the topic «Global Security: Looking for Dialogue Opportunities».


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