The collective monograph The state in the political science and the social reality of the XXI century


The collective monograph “The state in the political science and the social reality of the XXI century” is out of print. Corresponding Member of the RAS Irina Semenenko is the executive editor (“Ves Mir” Publishing House).

The monograph deals with the issue of the nature of the modern state, and formulates the priority agenda of state research in the context of the formation of the new political spaces for the political science. The authors analyze the transformation of the nation state in the context of the global instability and the current trends of the national development in the countries of the European Union and in the post-Soviet space. There are outlined the alternatives of the reformatting  of the state in the context of the ongoing shifts in the world order, in the political landscape and in social structure of society, in the values and the guidelines of human identity of the XXI century. There were justified the prognostic assessments of the changes in the political and administrative functions of the state in the context of the complication of the modern social reality and of the emergence of the new challenges to security and development.

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