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On February 2, 2006, IMEMO and CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies, USA) held an international workshop on the results of the situational analysis (Black Dawn) carried out previously in the European Parliament within the framework of the «Strangthening Global Partnership» International Project. The exercise in the European Parliament included, among other things, a simulation of the terrorist nuclear attack on the NATO Headquarters in Brussels and was followed by the discussion of actions to be taken in response to the attack and prevention options.

Among the participants in the workshop were representatives of the Federal Governmebt bodies of Russia, the academic community, foreign scientists and diplomats.

Panel of experts:     Michele Flournoy, Project Director, CSIS;
Laura Holgate, Vice-President, NTI;
Representatives of the IAEA and the Interpol.

Moderators:     V.Baranovsky, Deputy Director of the IMEMO, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science;
A.Arbatov, Director of the IMEMO Center for International Security, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science;

Opening address:     Head of the Disarmament and Conflict Management Department (IMEMO), Director of the “Strengthening Global Partnership” International Project.

The workshop took place in the “Vladimir” conference hall, the “Golden Ring” Hotel.

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