International scientific conference VI Liventsev Readings


November 23, 2023 Researhers of Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) took part in the International scientific conference VI Liventsev Readings “Modern system of international economic relations: between globalization and fragmentation”, timed to coincide with celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Faculty of International Economic Relations.

Topics of reports:

  • Vladimir D. Milovidov, Deputy Director for Research at IMEMO RAS, Head of the Department of International Finance at MGIMO-University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Dr. of Science (Economics) - “Spatial-network interactions in the global economy and finance”;
  • Marina V. Klinova, Chief Research Fellow at the Center for European Studies, IMEMO RAS, Dr. of  Science (Economics) – “European sanctions measures within an integration association”;
  • Aza A. Migranyan, Leading Research Fellow at the Section for the Caucasus, Dr. of  Science (Economics), Professor - “Trends in the development of bloc cooperation in the countries of Central Asia and the CIS”.

The problems of modern aspects of the development of international economic relations proposed for discussion at the conference:

  • New economic world order in the context of the fourth industrial revolution;
  • World commodity markets: search for stability in turbulent conditions;
  • Investment and financial aspects of transformation of the world economic system;
  • Evolution of the system of regulation of modern world economic relations;
  • Regionalization vs globalization: new phenomena and trends;
  • Green Agenda: transformation or continuation of the trend?
  • Innovative components of economic interaction between the countries of the world;
  • Russia in the new economic world order.

On November 24, 2023, a joint IMEMO-MGIMO section "Time of Economic Transformations: Markets, Countries, Regions" was held within the framework of the conference. Reports of the IMEMO employees were devoted to global (Svetlana Dolmatova), regional (Stanislav Nozdrev) and country (Agnessa Avilova, Alina Vernigora, Stanislav Kuvaldin, Vladimir Olenchenko, Elena Sidorova) problems in the modern polycentric world order.

The most remarkable transformations in the economy are taking place in the sphere of finance, technology and high-tech manufacturing industries, under the influence of which not only the configuration of world markets is changing, but also the role and place of individual countries and regions in the world economy. There are reasons to assume that the speed of economic transformation is increasing, and not only with positive changes, but also with numerous emerging imbalances of global economic development.

Participants discussed the following topics:
  • Changing weights of traditional centers of economic power;
  • New poles of growth of the world economy;
  • Problems of competitiveness race and development prospects of the world's leading economies.

The moderator of the Special Section "Time of Economic Transformation: Markets, Countries, Regions" (jointly with IMEMO) was Elena Sidorova, Head of the Sector for the International Monetary and Financial Relations of IMEMO, Associate Professor of the Nikolay Liventsev Department of International Economic Relations and Foreign Economic Affairs of MGIMO University, Cand. of Science (Economics).

Topics of reports:

  • Agnessa Avilova, Lead Researcher of the Sector of European Countries’ Economy, Cand. of Science (Economics), – "Mediterranean Initiative of the Italian Government";
  • Alina Vernigora, Junior Research Fellow of the Center for Strategic Planning Studies, – "Globalization of Turkish Investments: Main Trends of FDI in Turkey";
  • Svetlana Dolmatova, Senior Researcher of the Sector for Global Economic Problems, Cand. of Science (Economics), – "Problems of Searching for the Vector of Economic Transformations: from Turbulence to ‘Sustainable Development’ 4.0";
  • Stanislav Kuvaldin, Research Fellow of the Center for European Studies, Cand. of Science (History), – "Plans for the Development of Nuclear Energy in Poland in the Context of Warsaw's Foreign Economic Interests";
  • Stanislav Nozdrev, Senior Researcher of the Sector for the International Monetary and Financial Relations, Cand. of Science (Economics), – "Non-Performing Loans in Asia";
  • Vladimir Olenchenko, Senior Researcher of the Sector of European Countries’ Economy, Cand. of Science (Law),  – "Baltic States: Subsidized Dependence on the European Union";
  • Elena Sidorova, Head of the Sector of International Monetary and Financial Relations, Cand. of Science (Economics), Associate Professor, – "New EU Countries in the Global Value Chains".



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