Inter-institutional seminar in memory of Eduard Batalov


On December 22, 2022 at 16:00 in the conference hall of IMEMO (3rd floor) the Center for North American Studies held the third Eduard Batalov seminar on "New US Foreign Policy: Strategies and Concepts".

The seminar participants discussed new strategic directions of the development of US foreign policy in order to find answers to the following questions:
  • what will be the US trade and technology strategy in competition with China?
  • how are the military-political alliances created and being created by the United States being transformed?
  • how is the US going to control the digital space?
  • is China really as dangerous to the US as they convince themselves and the world?
  • and finally, can all of this be realized in the context of the political split in which Washington is stuck?

The speakers at the seminar were: Maxim Suchkov, director of the MGIMO Institute for International Studies; Natalia Tsvetkova, Professor, Head of American Studies Department at St. Petersburg State University, Dr. of Science (History); Sergej Trush, Lead Researcher of ISKRAN, Cand. of Science (History); Sergey Kislitsyn, Head of the Center for Strategic Planning Studies, Cand. of Science (Politics); Ilya Kramnik, Research Fellow of the Center for North American Studies. 



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