First joint seminar


01 June  2015 IMEMO held the first joint seminar with leading Indian ‘think tank’ – the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) on the theme ‘South and Pacific Asia in the emerging polycentric world order’.

The subject of the discussion were the current global and regional issues. This event is the first within the scientific cooperation programs of IMEMO and ORF, which are devoted to the study of the perspective trends in the development of the world economy, international relations and security.  

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The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of IMEMO and the Primakov Center for International Cooperation will hold a Youth Session of the International Scientific and Expert Forum "Primakov Readings" on the theme "Russia in Changing World Order: Challenges and Opportunities" on June 22-–27, 2024.



On June 19, 2024 at 12:00 in the Academician Inozemtsev conference hall (3rd floor) a meeting of the Scientific and Theoretical Seminar of the Center for Asia Pacific Studies was held.


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