Letter of thanks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia


Letter of thanks from the Director of the First European Department (1ED) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia A.V. Paramonov to the authors of the collective monograph “Contemporary France: between worries and hopes” / M.V. Klinova, A.K. Kudriavtsev, P.P. Timofeev, eds. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2022. – 256 p.

The fundamental and practical significance of this large-scale work is noted in the letter of thanks. The expert analysis of the evolution of French society in the context of the past presidential and parliamentary elections 2022 in France and the forecasts were highly appreciated. Sincere gratitude is expressed to the authors for their important work and wishes of success to the IMEMO team for in further research.

 Letter of thanks

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