Article of Marina Klinova in the journal Vorposy Ekonomiki


In August 2020, the journal « Vorposy Ekonomiki » published the article of the Doctor of Economic Sciences, the leading researcher of the Centre for European Studies Marina Vileninovna Klinova on the topic «The State and National Competitiveness (the case of the EU)».

The article aims to explore the possibilities and contribution of the state in ensuring the competitiveness of the economy of the EU countries. Various definitions of the concept of national competitiveness are presented as well as directions in which the state affects national competitiveness. Among the latter, state procurements of goods and services and their varieties are considered. Special importance of the indirect influence of the state on the country’s competitiveness in the form of creating favorable investment climate, pursuing structural policy, and establishing clear rules for doing business is emphasized. The analysis of the possibilities and methods of state regulation of business activities based on a number of indicators of international organizations is presented. The use of new opportunities by the state in the context of digitalization of the economy to ensure competitiveness is highlighted. The role of the state and PPP in the development of infrastructure, which serves as a guarantor and stimulator of national competitiveness, is examined. The conclusion is made that the role of the state in national competitiveness is increasing, especially under the spread of COVID-19. 

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