Article by Alexey Kupriyanov on the Observer Research Foundation


The Observer Research Foundation (India) published an article by a Head of Group on South Asia and Indian Ocean of the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations; Cand. Sc. (History) Alexey Kupriyanov «The situation in Ukraine: a view from Moscow».

The Ukrainian conflict itself is only a part of a global confrontation between Russia, on the one hand, and the United States (US) and other NATO countries, on the other. This round of the confrontation began in the early winter of 2021, when the Russian leadership demanded that the US and its NATO allies stop their advance to the east, which would mean refusing to accept Ukraine and Georgia into the bloc; not to establish military bases on the territory of these countries; mutually demilitarise the border between Russia and NATO and refrain from sending heavy bombers and warships in areas where they could hit targets on the territory of the other side; renounce intermediate- and short-range missiles and nuclear weapons outside the national territory. In fact, it was a plan for a complete revision of relations between Russia and NATO, aimed at defusing the situation and creating a completely new security system in Europe. This would allow all participants to reduce military spending and shift efforts to other areas, for example, to the Indo-Pacific, and focus on developing their economies.

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