Meeting of the scientific-theoretical seminar of the Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies


The regular meeting of the scientific-theoretical seminar of the Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies was held in the Conference Hall n.a. Academician N. Inozemtsev on April 20, 2022. It was held in the hybrid format.

Dr. Of Science (Psychology) Professor of the RAS Timofey Nestik (Psychology Institute of the RAS) made a report “The psychological state of society in the light of the global risks” at the event.

The methodological approaches to the analysis of the psychological state of society in the context of global risks and the mechanisms of its dynamics in the context of experiencing an uncontrollable threat are presented in the report. There are also considered the psychological characteristics of the perception of global risks and the formation of an image of a collective future. The speaker presented the outcomes of empirical studies of the psycho-emotional state of Russian society in the early 2020s, gathered during the implementation of scientific projects at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and commented on them.

After the report there was held a question-and-answer session. Dr. Marina Strezhneva, Dr. Natalia Lapina (INION RAS), Cand. of Science (Politics) D.B. Kazarinova (RUDN University), Cand. of Science (Politics) A.N. Bordovskikh (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Dr. Vladimir Pantin, Dr. Irina Prokhorenko, Cand. of Science (Chemistry) Vladimir Lapkin, Cand. of Science (Law) Vladimir Olenchenko, Cand. of Science (Economics) Elena Sadovaya, Cand. of Science (Economics) Nina Goffe, Corresponding Member of the RAS Dr. Irina Semenenko took part in it. 

In the closing remark Irina Semenenko pointed out the importance of comparing and combining the perspectives of the analysis of the public sentiments and of the dynamics of social identities, which have established today in the related fields of knowledge – the social and political psychology, the political sociology, the social philosophy and the comparative political science. The author of the major work “The Socio-political Psychology”, German Diligenskiy was at the origins of these developments at the IMEMO. The results of studies of the psychological state of the individual and the large social groups are significant for predicting changes in the structure of the modern world order, for development of the theory of international relations in the current context of assessing the global risks and the opportunities to overcome them.

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