2nd issue for 2022 of the journal Russia and the New State of Eurasia


The 2nd issue for 2022 of the journal “Russia and the New State of Eurasia” has been published.

The issue opens with the article on the cooperative relations of the EAEU with third countries. Special attention, quite naturally, is paid to Ukraine. The article published in the issue analyzes the geopolitical prerequisites of the Ukrainian crisis and the reasons for the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

As before, the authors focus on the current problems of Belarus. The researchers consider the impact of new international realities on the situation in Belarus and the constitutional reform of 2022. Considerable attention traditionally is paid to Central Asia. The challenges for Kazakhstan related to radical Islamism and the specifics of Islamist extremism in this country are considered.

The South Asian direction of the foreign policy of the Central Asian states and Russia is also comprehensively studied. The authors pay great attention to Turkey’s relations with post-Soviet countries. The researchers analyze Ankara’s policy in Ukraine, Turkey’s humanitarian policy in the post-Soviet countries, as well as the first steps towards the settlement of relations between Armenia and Turkey. The current state of Russian-Georgian relations is also being investigated.

The researchers’ attention is also focused on cooperation between the European Union and six post-Soviet countries within the framework of the Eastern Partnership program in 2019–2021. Considerable attention is paid to the problems of migration. The article published in the issue attempts to answer the question of whether there is a reorientation of migration flows directed to Russia in other directions.

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In this issue of World Economy and International Relations, No. 8, special attention is paid to the problems of security in the modern world. The corresponding columns of the regional bloc contain articles on U.S. policy, European issues, and the situation in the post-Soviet space.



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