Whats at stake in relying on Nuclear Disarming Strike on Russia?

Whats at stake in relying on Nuclear Disarming Strike on Russia?
// Pathways to Peace and Security. 2017. No 2(53). P. 56-69

DOI: 10.20542/2307-1494-2017-2-56-69


The article examines role of the concept of Nuclear Disarming Strike (NDS) in the context of the current informational confrontation between the USA and Russia. The author argues that even a successful militarily NDS at Russia’s nuclear deterrent weapons would result in enormous harmful consequences for the attacker. According to available research, Washington will lose even in the case Russian weapons of retaliatory strike are damaged. In that case, the United States would still lose the support of its main allies (as they would be affected by the radioactive contamination of the European continent), would turn into a global outcast, while the key winners would be its main geopolitical rivals such as China. The article argues that the NDS stratagem serves as a bluff designed to confuse the Russian leadership and society, provoke panic among population, make Russia agree with huge wasteful military expenditure, thus reducing the country's competitiveness and depriving it of any hope for social, economic and technological progress. The author pays special attention to the fact that the Russian civilian and military expert community should learn to adequately react to provocations such as the NDS concept.


Nuclear Disarming Strike (NDS), retaliatory strike, unacceptable damage, nuclear explosions, radioactive contamination, ecological, humanitarian, ecological, international and domestic political consequences of NDS, information warfare, stratagem, bluff

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Kalyadin A. Whats at stake in relying on Nuclear Disarming Strike on Russia?. Pathways to Peace and Security, 2017, No 2(53), pp. 56-69. https://doi.org/10.20542/2307-1494-2017-2-56-69

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