Pathways to Peace and Security.
No. 1(54) Special Issue: Humanitarian Challenges, Humanitarian Support and Human Protection in Armed Conflicts. Edited by Ekaterina Stepanova, 2018

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How does the evolving character of armed violence in modern conflicts affect civilian population and humanitarian situation? Who bears the main burden of humanitarian consequences of armed conflicts today? What are the main forms of direct harm and indirect losses and damage from conflicts and how have global perceptions of the effects of conflicts on the population evolved in the early 21st century? What are the key challenges for and problems in conflict-related humanitarian activity at different levels of world politics, from humanitarian aid to affected populations to human protection of civilians in conflict and postconflict areas? How are these issues relevant to and addressed by Russia? How are humanitarian aspects of conflicts and related humanitarian response linked to the problems of sustainable development and development assistance?

These are some of the issues addressed in the special issue of IMEMO journal “Pathways to Peace and Security” – № 1(54), 2018. It includes twenty articles written by nineteen authors from five countries, including academic experts and practitioners with extensive work experience at the relevant UN agencies and other international organizations, humanitarian NGOs, bodies of International Humanitarian Law, civil and military government structures, and the media.

ISBN 978-5-9535-0532-1
ISSN 2307-1494 (печ.); 2311-5238 (online) 

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