Zagorskii A. Security in the Arctic. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2019. – 114 p.

Zagorskii A. Security in the Arctic. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2019. – 114 p.

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The monograph evaluates contemporary assessments of military and non-military security threats and risks in the Arctic. It establishes that all states in the region follow a comprehensive approach to security. Against the background of increasing economic activities, they prioritize non-military risks that necessitate the need to provide for maritime safety, environmental and technological security in the Arctic. Military postures in the region are discussed through the lens of eventual spin off from the current crisis in relations between Russia and the Western states. The outcome of Arctic states’ scheduled defense policies reviews, finalized in 2019, is scrutinized. On the basis of intensive evidence, the author concludes that the region remains peripheral for most of the states from the conventional military postures perspective. Nevertheless, in the short to mid-term prospective, the securitization of the Arctic further deepens existing division lines and makes the formation of an inclusive security architecture that would include the Russian Federation more difficult.

Keywords: Arctic, military security, technological security |


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