Global Energy: Competition and Cooperation

Global Energy: Competition and Cooperation / Zhukov S.V., ed. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2019. – 220 p.

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Collections of articles

ISBN 978-5-9535-0554-3

DOI: 10.20542/978-5-9535-0554-3

The compendium of articles presented at the sixth international conference of young scholars, organized by the Center of Energy Studies, IMEMO RAS and Faculty of International Energy Business, Gubkin Russian State University (NRU) of Oil and Gas presents analysis of the most recent tendencies in the world economy and world energy transformations. Of special interest are the articles of scholars of the Center of Energy Studies, IMEMO RAS and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Base Chair at IMEMO, focusing on the development of natural gas market in Europe, restructuring of electricity sector in Germany and India and interaction of Latin American national oil companies with international oil companies.

Keywords: world economy and world energy transformations |


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TNC in the World Politics and Economy: Problems and Trends. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2005.
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