Russia: arms control, disarmament and international security

Arbatov Alexey , Oznobishchev S.
Russia: arms control, disarmament and international security / IMEMO supplement to the Russian edition of the SIPRI Year-book 2017. Edited by A. Arbatov, S. Oznobishchev. – Moscow: IMEMO, 2018. – 201 p.

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ISBN 978-5-9535-0535-2

DOI: 10.20542/978-5-9535-0535-2

The volume provides IMEMO contributions to the Russian edition of the 2017 SIPRI Yearbook: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security. The contributors address the erosion of strategic stability regime, issues of multilateral nuclear deterrence, 2018 US Nuclear Posture Review, DPRK’s nuclear and missile potential, problems with verification of the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty. This year’s edition also covers crisis of European security, evolution of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, strategic relations between China, India, and Pakistan, Middle East conflicts and prospects of a Syrian settlement, and adjustment of the Russian State Armament programme.

Keywords: nuclear weapons | strategic stability | multilateral nuclear deterrence | strategic triad | arms race |


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Anichkina Tatiyana
East Asia and the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella / Anichkina Tatiana

Savel'ev Alexander
Strategic Stability and Nuclear Deterrence: Lessons from History

Counteraction against the Proliferation of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons. Programs for Global Partnership. Ed. by Pikayev A.A. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2003.

Oznobishchev S.
The New World and Russia NATO Relations.

Savel'ev Alexander
Russian Experts on the New START Treaty The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty: Back to the Future or Forward to the Past?

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Romashkina Natalia
Regional policy of the USA in the sphere of missile defense.

Savel'ev Alexander
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Romashkina Natalia
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Kazennov Sergey, Kumachev Vladimir
New factors strategic restraint military and political behavior of Russia / Kazennov Sergey, Kumachov Vladimir

Kanaev Evgeniy
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Arbatov Alexey
Кризис контроля над ограничением и нераспространением ядерного оружия [Текст] / А. Арбатов // Вестник Российской академии наук. – 2016. – Т. 86. – № 10. – С. 897 – 901.

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Tselitsky Sergey
Стратегические ядерные силы Великобритании в контексте трансформации ситуации в области контроля над ядерным оружием / С.В. Целицкий // Безопасность Евразии. – 2010. – № 2. – С. 565–571.

Ivanov Stanislav
О ракетно-ядерном потенциале Индии и Пакистана [Текст] / С.М. Иванов // Зарубежное военное обозрение. – 2014. – № 11 (812). – С. 26 – 28.

Nuclear Proliferation: New Technologies, Armaments and Treaties. Ed. by Arbatov A.G. and Dvorkin V.Z. Moscow, Rosspen Publishers, 2009.

Russia: arms control, disarmament and international security / IMEMO supplement to the Russian edition of the SIPRI Yearbook 2002. Edited by V. Baranovsky, A. Kalyadin. Moscow: IMEMO RAN, 2003, 92 p.

Evseev Vladimir
Перспективы ядерного нераспространения [Текст] / В.В. Евсеев // Обозреватель – Observer. – 2014. – 9 (296). – 19 – 26.
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