Evolution of party and political space of modern France: transition from "bipolar" to "triple-pole" (political) space

Preobrazhenskaya Arina, Arifullin M.V.
Evolution of party and political space of modern France: transition from `bipolar` to `triple-pole` (political) space

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This article continues a cycle of materials on problems of internal political development and state of the economy of France which have been published by co-authors in 2014-2016 and concerned policy of modern France concerning overcoming crisis in the social sphere: to expansion of the state social guarantees, "targeting" and diversification of the social help. In the next article co-authors, continuing a conversation on political and social life in the conditions of crisis, analyze structural changes in party and political space of this European country, the outlined transition from "bipolar" to "triple-pole" space. In the conditions of an economic crisis in the French society the following interesting tendencies were distinctly shown: increase of uncertainty of French in the future, aggravation of social pessimism, as a result of it, strengthening of rejection of citizens from the world of politicians. For years of crisis among ordinary French the mistrust to social and political institutes and figures has amplified. While the number of problem points and political breaks grew in society, the political representation long time remained within an antagonism "left" and "right" that didn't reflect all range of modern realities any more. The role of the third political force - extremely right National Front of France has seriously increased in these conditions in political life of France. The voters voting on elections for the National Front are intermediate between "left" and "right". At the same time, process of a regrouping of political forces is still far from end and isn't excluded that time which has remained prior to the upcoming presidential elections will bring new surprises in which political life of France is so rich recently. 

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