Arctic Petroleum: Local CSR Perceptions in the Nenets Region of Russia [Text]

Pusenkova Nina
Arctic Petroleum: Local CSR Perceptions in the Nenets Region of Russia [Text] / N. Pusenkova, J.S.P. Loe, I. Kelman, D.B. Fjartoft // Social Responsibility Journal. 2017. Vol. 13. Issue 2. . 307-322

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ISSN 1747-1117

DOI: 0.1108/SRJ-10-2015-0150

This paper identifies the perceptions of petroleum-related corporate social responsibility among local and regional authorities in Russia, and shows that the challenges and opportunities are identified for the petroleum companies in dealing with different stakeholders and diverging interests. 

Keywords: Energy | Oil and gas | Corporate social responsibility | Arctic | Petroleum |

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