Agglomerations and Cross-Border Cooperation: a case study of Donbass region

Agglomerations and Cross-Border Cooperation: a case study of Donbass region

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Modern globalization processes encourage the feedback reaction in form of the so-called glocalization, search and creation of the forms of cross-border cooperation on the regional level. The author states that one of such glocalization examples is agglomerations in the frontier zones. They encourage the formation of new economic centres, but on the other hand, they are aimed at integration with the frontier actors. The article deals with the questions of development of Rostov`s metropolitan area (agglomeration) within the region of Donbass. 

Keywords: agglomeration | frontier zone | Donbass | euroregion | Rostov-on-Don | integration | Donetsk | Lugansk |

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Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration: the development of cross-border cooperation

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