Afghan Narcotrafficking: A Joint Threat Assessment. Report by U.S.-Russia expert group on the Afghan narcotrafficking. April 2013

Afghan Narcotrafficking: A Joint Threat Assessment. Report by U.S.-Russia expert group on the Afghan narcotrafficking. April 2013 / Stepanova E. (principal author). N.Y., EastWest Institute, 2013. 60 p.

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ISBN 978-0-615-97679-2

The EastWest Institute is pleased to publish this Joint Threat Assessment on Afghan Narcotrafficking, a product of discussions, deliberations, and debates between U.S. and Russian subject matter experts. This project was conceived of as an innovative approach to sustaining dialogue and contributing to trust-building in the U.S.-Russia relationship at a time when a policy “reset” was needed.

Keywords: Afghan Heroin | Armed Conflict | Narcotics |

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