Theoretical seminar named acad. Martynov

Theoretical seminar named after Vladlen Martynov

About the Seminar

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06/16/10 The results of the global economy in 2009 and prospects for 2010.

 «The results of the global economy in 2009 and prospects for 2010».


06/09/10 Modern problems of education's development.

«Modern problems of education's development».  A.Asmolov – director of Federal Institute of Development, member of Russian academy of education.


04/16/10 Northern Europe leader for innovations and IT in Europe.

 «Northern Europe – leader for innovations and IT in Europe» (Mats Hellstroem – a well-known Swedish economist, political, former minister of foreign trade, agriculture (1983-1996), ambassador of Sweden in Greece; governor of Stockholm (2002-2006).


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Was held the international scientific conference IV Liventsev Readings "A New Paradigm of the Development of International Economic Relations: Challenges and Prospects for Russia", organized by MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in which several employees of Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS took part.



The article by military observer Iliya Kramnik was published on the website of the RIAC.  It was dedicated to the presentation of the Russian issue of the SIPRI Yearbook and of its Special Annex, which is being prepared by the IMEMO.


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