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30.06.2020  There is a research by the scientists of the IMEMO

President of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Sergeev pointed out the research of scientists of the IMEMO “Shaping of the new social reality: the technological challenges” at the General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Science.          more...

01.02.2020  A global rating list of the think tanks was presented in the USA

The annual global rating list of the think tanks was presented at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. The IMEMO took the 33rd place in the global list among the 176 think tanks of the highest world standards.          more...

22.01.2020  The results of the testing of the effectiveness of the work of the scientific institutions

According to the results of the second phase of testing held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation almost 50% of the scientific institutions and about 20% of the high schools were given top marks.          more...

13.05.2019  British company BP presented an outlook on the world energy development scenarios up to the year 2040

In the framework of the Oil and Gas Dialogue of the IMEMO Chief Economist of the BP company Spenser Dale presented the new BP Energy Outlook up to the year 2040.          more...

29.09.2017  The new Presidium of RAS was elected

Russian Academy of Sciences elected a new presidium on the final day of the General Meeting. President IMEMO Academician Alexander Dynkin became a member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.          more...

10.03.2017  The scientists have figured out how much journalists write about different technologies and innovations

In the framework of the research “The technologies and the innovations in the Russian Media” the experts have studied how and what Russian journalists tell about the innovations.           more...

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Was held the international scientific conference IV Liventsev Readings "A New Paradigm of the Development of International Economic Relations: Challenges and Prospects for Russia", organized by MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in which several employees of Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS took part.



The article by military observer Iliya Kramnik was published on the website of the RIAC.  It was dedicated to the presentation of the Russian issue of the SIPRI Yearbook and of its Special Annex, which is being prepared by the IMEMO.


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