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    Field of research:

    • Balkan dimension of the EU’s foreign policy;
    • Role of the Baltic region in the foreign policy of the EU;
    • EU’s regional initiatives (“Northern Dimension”, “Black Sea Synergy”, “Barcelona Process”);
    • EU and the unresolved conflicts in the Black Sea & Caspian Sea area.

    List of Staff

      Cherkasova Ekaterina
          Cand. Sc. (Hist.), Senior Researcher
      Sokolova Polina
          Cand. Sc.(Polit.), Research Fellow
      Timofeev Pavel
          Cand. Sc.(Polit.), Senior Researcher
      Voronov Konstantin
          Cand. Sc. (Hist.), Head of Sector

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    Even if the American media, for the sake of racial political correctness, ceases to call the virus “Chinese,” any positive assessment of the Chinese experience in combating the epidemic will remain a powerful information irritant for the United States, writes Valdai Club expert Alexander Lomanov.



    A commentary by Dmitry Stefanovich “The Enduring Complexity Of Compliance Disputes” on the paper by Pavel Podvig and Amy F Woolf titled “Monitoring, Verification, and Compliance Resolution in US–Russian Arms Control has been published by UNIDIR.


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