Group on Peace and Conflict Studies

Dr. Sc. (Polit.) RAS Professor Stepanova Ekaterina | +7 (499) 128-8269

Current research project:
• 2021-2023: Peace Processes and Violence: Problems and Factors of
the Interplay”
(state registration no.: 121040800284-2)
Completed research projects:
• 2017-2020: Countering Violent Islamism in Regional Conflicts:
Political, Military, Ideological, and Socio-Humanitarian Aspects
(state registration no.: AAAA-A17-117030310154-0)
• 2013-2016: Potential for Organized Violence: Armed Conflicts,
Terrorism, One-Sided and Criminal Violence
(no. 01201362338)
• 2012: Role of Non-State Actors in Transnational and Local Conflicts
and in Other Forms of Armed Vioolence; Non-State Actors and Peace-Building
(no. 01201271254)

Field of Research

  • Methods of peace and conflict studies;
  • Causes, dynamics, management and prevention of armed conflicts and other forms of armed violence: 
    – global trends in armed conflict, terrorism, one-sided violence against civilians, criminal violence etc. and in violence control;
    – theoretical and comparative analysis of peace processes;
    – political economy of conflicts; armed conflicts, shadow economy and transnational crime;
    – international conflict management mechanisms and strategies;
    – humanitarian aspects of armed conflicts;
    – transnational terrorism.
  • The role of social movements and non-state actors in modern international politics: 
    – the role of social movements and non-governmental organizations in conflict management and conflict prevention;
    – the role of non-state actors in armed violence;
    – conflicts and networks.

Group on Peace and Conflict Studies edits the IMEMO journal "Pathways to Peace and Security"

List of Staff

  Frolov Alexander
  Golunov Sergei
  Rustamova Leili
  Stepanova Ekaterina
  Tulupova Ludmila

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