Comment by Alexander Lomanov for Sputnik


The US believes less and less in its forces, so it fears the supposed foreign influence. One of his main fears is the soft power of China, so he is settling accounts with her, according to the experts interviewed by Sputnik.

At the same time, Alexander Lomanov believes that restrictions on Chinese media in the US are “more alarming than simple hypocrisy or double standards” in the area of ​​media freedom.

“It is a manifestation of the growing rivalry between China and the US. In the United States they are actively seeking Chinese spies in universities, research institutes, everywhere. They are looking for those who cooperate with China, looking for people through which some technology, information can flow to China. They are looking for influence agents. And that is because the US has every time less faith in his power“says Lomanov.

The sanctions on the Chinese media in the US are “more alarming than simple hypocrisy or double standards”

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Even if the American media, for the sake of racial political correctness, ceases to call the virus “Chinese,” any positive assessment of the Chinese experience in combating the epidemic will remain a powerful information irritant for the United States, writes Valdai Club expert Alexander Lomanov.



A commentary by Dmitry Stefanovich “The Enduring Complexity Of Compliance Disputes” on the paper by Pavel Podvig and Amy F Woolf titled “Monitoring, Verification, and Compliance Resolution in US–Russian Arms Control has been published by UNIDIR.


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