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The Article of Marina Klinova

In April 2017 there was published another theoretical article by Marina Klinova, Dr. of Sc. (Economics) from the cycle   «A View in Retrospect of Time: A History of State and Business Interaction» on Marxist’s interpretation of state and business interaction in the pre-October 1917 period. The article deals with the analysis of thoughts of the Marxism founders on the directions, methods and goals of the state economic policy towards the so-called communist society.
«I  identify this vector of economic thought in a separate section due to significant influence that Marxist ideas impinged on economics and politics. A rising tide of interest in Marxist ideas in some social strata and countries nowadays can be attributed to a slowdown in the global economy and the aggravation of socio-economic problems. The Marxist views analysis of the state's attitude towards entrepreneurship is necessary to identify the roots of the tragic events that occurred in the twentieth century, and which mark the centenary in 2017».
Keywords: Marxism | state property | state-owned enterprises | capital | community | primitive accumulation | competition | taxes.
The beginning of the series of articles see: Economic Strategies: № 2/2016, pp. 132–139; № 3/2016, pp. 172–181; № 4/2016, pp. 186–196.

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