Seminar Russia and Europe in the Middle East


December 14, 2015 Discussion Forum “European Dialogues” has held its seminar “Russia and Europe in the Middle East”.
Andrei Zubov, Russian historian and political scientist, Doctor of History;  Alexey Malashenko, Professor and the Chair of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Religion, Society, and Security Program, and Yuri Rubinsky, Professor at the Higher School of Economics and Head of the Center for French Studies at the RAS Institute for European Studies presented their views at the seminar.


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Director of the IMEMO Corresponding Member of RAS Feodor Voitolovsky and Deputy Director of the Institute Corresponding Member of RAS Sergey Afontsev had a meeting with Spokesman for Foreign Affairs of the Social Democracy Party of Germany fraction in the Bundestag, member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the German Bundestag Nils Schmid.



The eighth forum of the international China studies was held in Shanghai on September 10-11, 2019. The main topic of the event was “China and the world: the historic path in the last 70 years”. More than 300 researchers from 35 countries attended the meeting. Alexander Lomanov was the key co-reporter on the topic “The social sciences with the Chinese specific features: the innovations and the traditions” .


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