Center of the Indo-Pacific Region

Cand. Sc. (Hist.) Kupriyanov Alexey | +7 (499) 128-3308
Scientific Secretary:

Field of Research

  • Development of a methodology for the comprehensive study of regional economic, political, social processes, as well as security trends;
  • Analysis and study of the dynamics of relations between the states of South Asia and the Indian Ocean region;
  • Analysis of political processes in the countries of the region;
  • Study of the economic situation in the region;
  • Analysis of the characteristics of national economies and their transformations, the development of leading industries and promising markets for Russian business;
  • Studying relations of the countries of the region with external actors (PRC, USA, Japan, Great Britain, France, Russia, Central Asian countries);
  • Analysis of military and non-military challenges and threats in the region;
  • Monitoring the activities of state and non-state actors in competition for economic, military and other development of the Indian Ocean spaces and resources.

List of Staff

  Besedin Egor
  Kolgushkina Irina
  Kosareva Ekaterina
  Kupriyanov Alexey
  Lomova Anastasia
  Makarevich Gleb
  Savishcheva Maria
  Shchedrov Ivan
  Shirgazina Elsa
  Terskikh Mikhail
  Turayanova Leyla
  Zaitsev Ivan
  Zeegofer Evgenia

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