The Center for Strategic Planning Studies

Cand. Sc.(Polit.) Kislitsyn Sergey | +7 (499) 120-8129

The Center for Strategic Planning Studies (CSPS) was established in 2021. e-mail:
Since 2023, the Centre has been holding a seminar on "Forecasting and Management".
The seminar is devoted to the theory and practice of forecasting, strategic planning, management problems in the spheres of economic policy and national security.
The aim of the seminar is to support discussion on issues of economic theory and current challenges of socio-economic development of different countries and regions of the world.

Field of Research

  • Studying of foreign experience in forecasting and strategic planning;
  • Development of scientific and methodological foundations for political, economic and other risk assessment, forecasting and strategic planning;
  • Monitoring and forecasting of risks and threats in the world economy, international relations, global and regional security.

List of Staff

  Anton Boreyko
  Guzheva Anna
  Kislitsyn Sergey
  Kramnik Ilya
  Ofitserov-Bel'skiy D.
  Ovcharuk Alexander
  Pavlova Maria
  Sidorova Olga
  Vernigora Alina
  Zhukovskiy Igor

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