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Chief Timofeev Pavel

Graduate students and researchers of IMEMO RAN initiated the re-creation of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists in 2003 in order to enhance scientific communication and creative interaction between young researchers. Efforts of young professionals are focused on the study of interdisciplinary problems of the world economy and politics.

Board Members meet regularly to discuss the burning issues of world economy and international relations, also to exchange opinions on papers and monographs by the young scientists IMEMO RAN, and for round table discussions with the participation of leading specialists IMEMO RAN.

Annual Scientific Conferences conducted with the support of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences gained particular importance for the Council. The conferences are popular among young scientists – economists, political scientists, historians, geographers, as well as graduate students not only from IMEMO RAN, but also from other leading Moscow and regional research centers and universities. The Council established a creative interaction with young researchers from other institutions related to the Department of Global Issues and International Relations RAN, also with the Institute of Economics RAN, the Institute of World History RAN, Moscow State University, MGIMO (University), Ministry of Foreign Affairs RF, Nizhniy Novgorod University, Perm University, Yaroslavl University and other regional universities.

The follow-up to the conferences can be found in the Reports, published as part of the ongoing publication “World Development” by IMEMO RAN. Find more on our web-site in “Publications”.

More than 20 young researchers and graduate students IMEMO RAN are actively involved in the work of the Council. For all enquiries, please contact: (

  • on the issue «Political science and International Relations» please contact Pavel Timofeev – the chief of the Council, Research Fellow of the Department for European Political Studies, Cand.Sc (Politics);
  • on the issue «World economy»please contact Anastasia Nevskaya – the deputy chief of the Council, Research Fellow of the Center for European Studies, Cand.Sc (Economics);
  • on the issue «Regional Studies» please contact Kristina Voda – the deputy chief of the Council, Research Fellow of the Center for Asia Pacific Studies, Cand.Sc (Politics).

We are also availiable at Facebook and at VK


The Internship at IMEMO is available for both Master students and Ph.D. students enrolled at universities of Russia and abroad. Internship at IMEMO allows you to gain valuable experience of analytical work on the issues of World economy and International Relations, to develop your skills and to grow your professional network.

In order to apply for an internship please send us to:
1) your CV;
2) official paper from your university inquiring an internship at IMEMO for you, addressed to IMEMO Director Dr. Feodor Voitolovsky;
3) covering letter providing the following information:
a) the purpose of your internship; 
b) the field of your scientific interests/ the topic of your Master thesis or Ph.D. thesis;
c) the desired term of your internship.

Please note that IMEMO does not cover any expenses for the interns (e.g. accommodation or transport). Internship at IMEMO doesn’t require any fee. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us to:

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Large part of “World Economy and International Relations”, no 10, 2020 is devoted to issues tied up with upcoming US presidential elections in November. The section opens with an article by known Russian mericanist V. Pechatnov.



The Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the International Scientific Center on the problems of cross-border interactions in North and North-East Asia of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences signed an Agreement on the network partnership.


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