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Chief Khoros Vladimir

Different problems of globalization and its influence on Centre-Periphery relations are examined in the works of the Centre such as "Authoritarianism and Democracy in Developing Countries" (1994), "Civil Society: World Experience and the problems of Russia" (1998), "Postindustrial World and Russia" (2001), "Globalization and Major Semi-peripherial countries" (2003), "Civilizations and globalazing world" (2009), "North-South-Russia. Yearbook" (2007-2011) etc.

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Vasily Mikheev delivered a report at the Plenary Session of the XI International Scientific-Practical Conference "Abalkin Readings". The topic under discussion: "Global Uncertainty. Development or Degradation of the World Economy?".



No. 11 of the journal "World Economy and International Relations" for 2021 is available for free access. The most interesting articles are also given in English translation.


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