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The Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with the Russian International Affairs Council and the journal "World Economy and International Relations", hold a series of research seminars dedicated to the research of current issues of international relations.

The objectives of the seminars include exploring best research practices, sharing experience of empirical methods and fundamental theories, discussing current topics on the global political agenda that are of fundamental importance to international security and international relations, and producing scholarly articles on these issues.

The seminars closely link up specific problems of global economics and politics with issues of research. The discussion is informed by publications from the MEMO journal or by promising research that might find its way into the journal's pages.

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In the dictionary "Abkhazia. Brief Encyclopedia" were published articles by the staff of the Sector for the Caucasus of the Center for post-Soviet Studies of IMEMO.



The “Polis. Political Studies" journal ( 3, 2023) published an article "Advantages of the Organizational Theory of Alexander Bogdanov in Explaining the Transformation of the European Union" by Daria Moiseeva.


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