Section for Social and Economic Development and Migration Processes Studies

Dr. Sc. (Econ.) Tsapenko Irina | +7 (499) 128-3736

Field of Research

The Section for Social and Economic Development and Migration Processes studies socio-economic and migration problems and prospects of societal development of the regions of the global North. Research fellows of the section follow the traditions of theoretical analysis of social processes in Western countries laid by V.V. Liubimova, S.N. Nadel, F.E. Burdzhalov, who were the heads of the analogous departments of the Institute, and are developing new approaches towards studying these issues.

The Section conducts research on the following topics:

- objective and subjective factors of social position of population, problems of welfare and well-being;

- stratification and social inequality; 

- socio-economic function of the state; 

- factors, trends, resources and risks of migration processes and migrations policies;

- impact of socio-economic changes on socio-political life;

- socio-economic problems of metropolitan cities.

Grants provided by the Russian Foundation for Humanities

Research grant “Integration of Migrants with Different Cultural Background: Prospects of Interculturalism” (2016-2018).

Head: Dr. Sc. (Econ.) Irina Tsapenko

List of Staff

  Goffe Nina
  Grishin Igor
  Preobrazhenskaya Arina
  Subkhangulova Kseniia
  Tsapenko Irina

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