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Cand. of Science (Economics) docent Sadovaya Elena | +7 (499) 128-3736


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Field of research

The Department for Complex Socio-economic Research studies the social impact of the transformations in the contemporary world. Department staff upholds scientific traditions of the theoretical analysis of social processes established by F.E. Burdzhalov, L.A. Gordon, E.V. Klopov, V.V. Lyubimova, S.N. Nadel, and promotes new approaches to the study of social problems.

The Department conducts research on the following topics:

- analysis and forecast of development of the labor market, social and labor relations;

- analysis and forecast of development of the social sphere;

- study of social imbalances and shifts in the social structure of the modern society;

- analysis of practical policy in the social sphere in the countries of the West and in Russia;

- study of migration processes and migration policy;

- development of proposals for specific areas of social and migration policy in the Russian Federation. 

List of Staff

  Andrukovich Larissa
      Staff Member
  Goffe Nina
      Cand. of Science (Economics), Staff Member
  Grishin Igor
      Cand. of Science (Economics), Staff Member
  Ivanov Nikolai
      Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Staff Member
  Kondratieva Darya
      Staff Member
  Kutergin Vasily
      Staff Member
  Monusova Galina
      Cand. Sc. (Hist.), Staff Member
  Preobrazhenskaya Arina
      Cand. Sc.(Polit.), Staff Member
  Sadovaya Elena
      Cand. of Science (Economics), docent, Head of Department
  Sautkina Vera
      Cand. Sc. (Hist.), Staff Member
  Tsapenko Irina
      Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Lead Researcher
  Udovenko Ilya
      Staff Member
  Zenkov Alexey
      Cand. Sc.(Polit.), Staff Member

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Institute News

E.S. Sadovaya and E.A. Sidorova, in an online format on February 19, 2021, took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The World after the COVID-19 Pandemic: Politics, Security, Economy and Culture – Forecasts of the Future through the Prism of the Present”.



The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels invites you to take part in a discussion club "onnecting Point" on 4 February at 18:00 on the Russian Centre's online platform. 


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