Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies

Cor. Member Dr. Sc. (Polit.) Semenenko Irina | +7 (499) 128-1935
Scientific Secretary:
Cand. Sc.(Polit.) Zenkov Alexey | +7 (499) 128-3736

Field of Research

The Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies (CCSEPS) (until May 2016 - Center for Comparative Socio-economic and Socio-political Studies) was founded on the basis of the Department for Socio-political Studies of Developed Capitalist Countries.

For many years is was headed by German Dilighensky (1930-2002) – a distinguished Russian scholar, founder of “social and political psychology” and of the research school known today as the "Dilighensky’s school". In 1993, a group of researchers from the Institute of Employment Problems headed by Leonid Gordon and Eduard Klopov (known for their studies of the labour market and labour relations) joined the Center.

Until February 2016, CCSEPS was headed by professor Nikita Zagladin, Dr. Hist. (1951-2016).

The Center conducts research in the following areas of study:

- key trends of socio-economic and political development in Europe (comparative cross-country analysis) with special attention to Russia; 

- dynamics of political and social institutions and identities in the context of a transforming world order;

- theoretical and methodological problems of conceptualizing identity as a resource of social development.


Grants provided by the Russian Foundation for Humanities

Research grant “Integration of Migrants with Different Cultural Backgrounds: Prospects of Interculturalism” (2016-2018).

Head: Dr. Sc. (Econ.) Irina Tsapenko

Grants provided by the Russian Science Foundation

Research grant “Regulating Interethnic Relations and Managing Ethnic and Social Conflicts in the Contemporary World: the Resource Potential of Civic Identity (a Comparative Political Analysis)” (2015-2017)

Head: Dr. Sc. (Pol. Sc.) Irina Semenenko

List of Staff

  Arteev Sergei
  Bardin Andrey
  Goffe Nina
  Kamkin Alexander
  Katagarova Veronica
  Khaynatskaya Tatiana
  Kholodkovskii Kirill
  Kondratieva Darya
  Lapkin Vladimir
  Pantin Vladimir
  Popadeva Tatiana
  Preobrazhenskaya Arina
  Sadovaya Elena
  Sautkina Vera
  Semenenko Irina
  Sigachev Maxim
  Subkhangulova Kseniia
  Syndyashkina Evgeniya
  Tsapenko Irina
  Udovenko Ilya
  Zenkov Alexey

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