Theory of Politics Section

Cand. Sc.(Polit.) Solovyev Eduard | +7 (499) 120-3211
Scientific Secretary:
Cand. Sc.(Polit.) Smirnov Alexey | +7 (499) 128-6771

Field of Research

• The consideration of the geopolitical aspects of the formation of internal and foreign policy of the Russian Federation, in particular, the role and place of Russia in the geopolitical realities of the modern world, the problems of its     multilevel foreign policy, national interests and national security; 
• The comparative analysis of modern forms of democracy and implementation details of its basic principles to particular national and cultural conditions;
• The analysis of the problems of the evolution of modern political systems;
• The study of philosophical components of political philosophy and political theory, and the most important trends in contemporary political conception.

It has been a separate entity as a department of IMEMO RAN since 1998.


List of Staff

  Badaeva Anna
  Brodskaya Nina
  Gudimenko Dmitry
  Guseva Nina
  Kamensakya Galina
  Rabotyazhev Nikolay
  Rovinskaya Tatiana
  Smirnov Alexey
  Solovyev Eduard
  Yashlavskii Andrey

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