US Economic Research Group

Cand. of Science (Economics) Kirichenko Elina | +7 (499) 128-0519

Field of research

  • the US external economic strategy and foreign-policy priorities: mechanisms and forms of their realization in the context of globalization; 
  • process of globalization; the role and place of the USA.

List of Staff

  Andrey Tarelin
  Bogaevskaya Oksana
  Chudinova Ksenia
  Dmitriev Sergei
  Irina Titova
  Kirichenko Elina
  Nikol'skaya Galina
  Perova Margarita
  Popova Marya
  Shlikhter Alexey

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Institute News

The article “Kazakhstan and the CSTO have been tested by the crisis” by Stanislav Pritchin was published on the website of the ORF.



The Fall-Winter issue of “Pathways to Peace and Security” (no. 2(61), 2021) is out. The main focus of  issue of “Pathways to Peace and Security” is on international databases on peace agreements, peace indexes, and the use of mathematical methods in peace and conflict studies.


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