Sectors for the Global Economic Problems

Cand. of Science (Economics) Nikitina Elena | +7 (499) 128-3985

Field of Research

  • the economic aspects of the global environmental problems;
  • international and national instruments for the governance in the field of nature protection;
  • international cooperation in the field of adaptation of the socioeconomic systems to the consequences of the climate change;
  • world food problem


List of Staff

  Bubnova Maria
  Grigoriev Mikhail
  Nikitina Elena
  Pozhilova Natalia
  Tikhomirov Sergey
  Zhukova Galina

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Institute News

Attention readers of "ME and MO"! Opened for free access No. 8 for 2022 and translations into English of articles by M. Strezhneva, A. Davydov and a joint article by L. Khudyakova and E. Sidorova published in it.



On January 30, 2023 the website of the "Russia in Global Affairs" magazine published the opinion of Pavel Gudev, Head of the Group of US and Canada Policy Studies in the World Ocean, and Ilya Kramnik, Research Fellow of the Sector for US Foreign and Domestic Policy of the Center for North American Studies, “Estonian Plans in the Gulf of Finland: What Was It?”.


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