Section of European Countries Economy

Cand. of Science (Economics) Chetverikova Anna | +7 (499) 128-3714

Field of Research

  • study of the economic and socio-political development of European countries;
  • analysis of the impact of global and pan-European challenges on the economies of EU member states;
  • assessment of the consequences of supranational decisions for the participants of the integration association;
  • study of foreign economic relations of EU countries and their groups with Russia


List of Staff

  Avilova Agnessa
  Chetverikova Anna
  Denisenko Christina
  Klinova Marina
  Kudryavtsev Andrey
  Nikulin Kirill
  Olenchenko Vladimir
  Setkaliev Roman
  Volkov Aleksei

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The 8th International Scientific and Expert Forum "Primakov Readings" will be held on December 6–7, 2022 in Moscow at the World Trade Center. The event is dedicated to the memory of the scientist and statesman Academician Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov. The main theme of the Forum is "World Order in Transit: Eurasian Dimension”.



On the eve of the International Scientific and Expert Forum "Primakov Readings-2022" a meeting of alumni of the Youth Session is being held in Moscow.


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