Department of Economic Theory

Cor. Member Dr. Sc. (Econ.) RAS Professor Afontsev Sergey | +7 (499) 128-0991

Field of Research

  • world economic thought and its major modern schools; 
  • institutional frame of a modern market economy; 
  • special theories of credit and money; 
  • economic function of the State in industrially developed countries; 
  • economies in transition: specific features and principles; 
  • Western and Russian models of economic development: comparative analysis.

List of Staff

  Afontsev Sergey
  Avtonomov Vladimir
  Bahtaraeva Karina
  Gracheva Mariya
  Kapelyushnikov Rostislav
  Kudinova Maria
  Ranneva Nonna
  Rubtsov Boris
  Studentsov Victor
  Subbotin Mikhail
  Usoskin Valentin
  Zhukova Tatiana

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