Group of Regional Political Problems of the East and South

Dr. Sc. (Hist.) Volodin Andrey
| +7 (499) 128-1659

Field of Research

Study of international political problems of developing countries by region in the context of Central-peripheral relations.

List of Staff

  Gasanova Aytan Baylar kyzy
  Karamaev Sergey
  Kuklina Ida
  Lebedeva Eleonora
  Potapova Elizaveta
  Rogozhina Natalia
  Volodin Andrey

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Institute News

The issue of No. 2 for 2023 of the MEMO Journal, which traditionally pays much attention to the development of certain regions of the world, is out of print. A block of articles is devoted to the problems of Latin America, in particular the concept of a new economy of the continent, the financial crises in Latin America, the relationship of LA countries and the EU.



The Scientific Conference "Russia and the World: Competition and Cooperation in the Arctic" was held in a mixed format at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences on February 3, 2023.


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