Status of Institute

IMEMO has been founded by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Institute is a non-profit organization which acts within the Charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Principles of Activities

The mission of the Institute is the elaboration of a reliable analytical basis for political decision-making. The Institute cooperates with federal and regional government bodies, mass media, major public and private companies. In its research, IMEMO takes an independent and uncommitted position.

The Institute carries out fundamental and applied researches in the following areas:

  • teories of the world economy and international relations, new model of the global economic and political development;
  • long-term institutional and structural changes in the world economy and in the international labour division, role and place of Russia in these processes;
  • social factor and modern socio-political institutes in the world development;
  • globalization and regional integration, optimization of Russia partisipation in the international economic relations;
  • rends and prospects of innovation development as a major factor of the economic growth;
  • economic, political and social development of the overseas countries and regions;
  • formation and evolution of the system of international relations,  Russian role and place in it;
  • international security and Russian national security;
  • prevention and resolution of international conflicts, prevention of international terrorism;
  • long- and short-term forecasts of global development.

IMEMO also takes an active part in:

expert consulting on legislation, government policies, entrepreneurial strategies;

world market research;

consulting of Russian administrative and executive bodies;

organizing and holding conferences and workshops, carrying out international study projects, maintaining links with international and foreign research institutions.




Department of science and innovation

Department of Economic Theory

Center for International Security

Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies

Center for European Studies

Center for North American Studies

Center for Asia Pacific Studies

Center of the Indo-Pacific Region

    Center for the Middle East Studies

    Center for Industrial and Investment Studies

    Center for post-Soviet Studies

    Center for Energy Research

      Center for Forecasting Studies

      Center for Situational Analysis

      The Center for Strategic Planning Studies

      Center for Development and Modernization Studies

      Center for Research in Transitional Economies

      Department of Global Economic Problems and Foreign Economic Policy

      Department of International Political Problems

      Department for European Political Studies

      Scientific-publishing Department

      Section for Political Theory

        Providing Departments

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        First news
        Institute News

        On March 28, 2023 at 11:00 am, the Eighth Scientific-Practical Seminar Seminar organized by the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences together with the Russian International Affairs Council and the journal "World Economy and International Relations" will take place. The theme of the seminar is "The Role of the African Continent in Global Policy. ‘Year of Africa’ in Russia".



        On March 24, 2023 on the website of the Information and Analytical Center for the Study of Social and Political Processes in the post-Soviet Space of Lomonosov Moscow State University (IA-CENTR MSU) published an interview with Dina Malysheva, Head of the Sector for Central Asia of the Center for post-Soviet Studies of IMEMO, Dr. of Sciences (Politics), on the topic: “Turkey Drags Turkmenistan into Organization of Turkish States. Ashkhabad is against it for three reasons”.


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