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Ivan Korolev

Corresponding Member , Dr. of Science (Economics)
Member of the Directorate

Councillor of RAS

Chief Research Fellow
Center for Forecasting Studies

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korolev@imemo.ru | +7 (499) 120-8392

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Born: October 12, 1942, Yeniseisk, the Krasnoyarsk Territory
Ph.D. in Economics (1972), Doctor (Economics) (1988), Professor (1989), Corresponding Member of RAS (1994)

March 2013 Councillor of RAS
1991-March 2013 Deputy Director of IMEMO RAN
1994-2000 Head and Chair of the Department for International Monetary Relations at MGIMO
1992-1993 Member of the Board of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations
1991 (April) Advisor to the Security Council of the USSR
1986-April 1991 Deputy Director of IMEMO RAN
1978-1986 Head of the Section for Currency Problems of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, USSR Academy of Sciences
1975-1978 Senior Researcher, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, USSR Academy of Sciences
1969-1975 Scientific Market Research Institute at the Ministry for Foreign Trade, USSR
1965-1969 Department of Monetary Prices at the Ministry of Foreign Trade, USSR
1965 Graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, MFA USSR

Areas of Expertise:
Extensive expertise in global economy and international economic relations. The range research interests include the study of the functioning world economic mechanism, the problem of integrating Russia into the global economy, regulation of foreign economic relations of Russia. Author of many scientific papers published in Russia (USSR) and abroad, participated in several major international projects.
Chairman of the Dissertation Council at IMEMO RAS. A member of the editorial board of MEiMO; a member of the editorial board of the journal Spatial Economics, Far East Branch of RAS, and the Bulletin of the State Registration Chamber with the Russian Ministry of Justice. Member of the Scientific Council of the Center for Integration Research of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), a member of the Scientific Expert (Academic) Council of the Institute for Energy and Finance, a member of the Academic Council of the Center for Situational Analysis of RAS.

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