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Vladimir Pantin

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Field of Interest:

Political History, Political Modernization, Political Institutions, Long Waves of Economic and Political Development, Globalization and Regionalization.


In 1996 – 2008 Visiting Professor of Political Science in Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

In 2008 – 2019 Visiting Professor of Political Science in Moscow State University, Faculty of Global Processes.


PhD Dissertation: «The Middle Class in Contemporary Russia: Political Behavior and Political Orientations».

Doctor (in Russian) Dissertation: «Cycles and Long Waves of Modernization as the Forms of Social Evolution».

Main Publications:

In English:

1. The Russian Middle Class // Sociological Research, 1994. Vol. 33. No. 6.

2. Russian Political Parties and Movements on Contemporary World Processes // Russian Politics and Law, 2003. Vol. 41. No. 5. P. 83-89.

3. The Political and Civilizational Self-Identity of Contemporary Russian Society in a Global Context // Sociological Research, 2009. Vol. 48. No. 4. P. 40-56.

4. The World on the Verge of Troublesome Years? // Russia in Global Affairs, 2010. Vol. 8. No. 3. P. 24-34 (with A. Dynkin).

5. A Peaceful Clash: The U.S. and China: Which Model Holds out Promise for the Future? // World Futures, 2012. Vol. 68. P. 506-517 (with A. Dynkin).

6. Technological Innovations and Future Shifts in International Politics // International Studies Quarterly, 2014. Vol. 58. No. 4. P. 867-872 (with A. Akaev).

7. Central Asia as the Economic and Geopolitical Tension Nexus: Some Implications for the World Futures // World Futures, 2018. Vol. 74. P. 36-46 (with A. Akaev).

In Russian:

1. Globalization and the Problems of the Development of Democratic Institutions in Russia // Political Institutions at the Turn of the Third Millennium. Dubna: Phoenix+, 2001.

2. Cycles and Waves of Global History. Globalization in Historical Dimension. Moscow: New Age, 2003.

3. Waves and Cycles of Social Development: Civilization Dynamics and Modernization Processes. Moscow: Nauka, 2004.

4. Philosophy of Historical Forecasting. Dubna: Phoenix+, 2006 (with V. Lapkin).

5. Russia between the West and the East // Civilizations. Vol. 7. Moscow: Nauka, 2006 (with V. Lapkin).

6. Destabilization Factors of Contemporary World Order and Political Risks for Russia // Destabilization of the World Order and Political Risks of Russia’s Development / Ed. by V. Pantin and V. Lapkin. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2010.

7. Historical Forecast in the XXIst Century: Kondratieff Cycles, Evolutionary Cycles and Prospects of World Development. Dubna: Phoenix+, 2014 (with V. Lapkin).

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