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Vladimir Pantin

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Field of Interest:

Political History, Political Modernization, Political Institutions, Long Waves of Economic and Political Development, Globalization and Regionalization.


In 1996 2008 Visiting Professor of Political Science in Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

In 2008 2019 Visiting Professor of Political Science in Moscow State University, Faculty of Global Processes.


PhD Dissertation: The Middle Class in Contemporary Russia: Political Behavior and Political Orientations.

Doctor (in Russian) Dissertation: Cycles and Long Waves of Modernization as the Forms of Social Evolution.

Main Publications:

In English:

1. The Russian Middle Class // Sociological Research, 1994. Vol. 33. No. 6.

2. Russian Political Parties and Movements on Contemporary World Processes // Russian Politics and Law, 2003. Vol. 41. No. 5. P. 83-89.

3. The Political and Civilizational Self-Identity of Contemporary Russian Society in a Global Context // Sociological Research, 2009. Vol. 48. No. 4. P. 40-56.

4. The World on the Verge of Troublesome Years? // Russia in Global Affairs, 2010. Vol. 8. No. 3. P. 24-34 (with A. Dynkin).

5. A Peaceful Clash: The U.S. and China: Which Model Holds out Promise for the Future? // World Futures, 2012. Vol. 68. P. 506-517 (with A. Dynkin).

6. Technological Innovations and Future Shifts in International Politics // International Studies Quarterly, 2014. Vol. 58. No. 4. P. 867-872 (with A. Akaev).

7. Central Asia as the Economic and Geopolitical Tension Nexus: Some Implications for the World Futures // World Futures, 2018. Vol. 74. P. 36-46 (with A. Akaev).

In Russian:

1. Globalization and the Problems of the Development of Democratic Institutions in Russia // Political Institutions at the Turn of the Third Millennium. Dubna: Phoenix+, 2001.

2. Cycles and Waves of Global History. Globalization in Historical Dimension. Moscow: New Age, 2003.

3. Waves and Cycles of Social Development: Civilization Dynamics and Modernization Processes. Moscow: Nauka, 2004.

4. Philosophy of Historical Forecasting. Dubna: Phoenix+, 2006 (with V. Lapkin).

5. Russia between the West and the East // Civilizations. Vol. 7. Moscow: Nauka, 2006 (with V. Lapkin).

6. Destabilization Factors of Contemporary World Order and Political Risks for Russia // Destabilization of the World Order and Political Risks of Russias Development / Ed. by V. Pantin and V. Lapkin. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2010.

7. Historical Forecast in the XXIst Century: Kondratieff Cycles, Evolutionary Cycles and Prospects of World Development. Dubna: Phoenix+, 2014 (with V. Lapkin).

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