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Nikolay Podchasov

Cand.of Science (History)
Senior Researcher
Section of the EU Studies
Staff Member
Center for European Studies
ontact Information
nickpodchasov@imemo.ru | +7 (499) 128-3714

Education and academic degree:

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History (2015)
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, postgraduate studies (2018)
  • Cand. of Science (History), thesis title: “Rank documents as a source on the military and administrative activities of the Princes Trubetskoys in the service of the Moscow state, the second half of the 16th – early 17th centuries” (2018)

Field of research: social, economic and political trends in Bulgaria and North Macedonia, the policy of major regional players in the Balkan region.

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