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Alexander Kamkin


Moscow State Linguistic University, Translation faculty; Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, International commerce faculty.

Sphere of scientific activities: demography, migration in European countries, political extremism, identity, theory of local civilizations, history of German-Russian relations.

Participation in conferences:

  • International conference «Workshop of future» and historical society for young Europeans «EUSTORY»  „Years of breaking changes 1989/1991 and their impact on nations establishment in Europe of 21st century “ (Hamburg, January, 19th  – 20th , Petersburger Dialog forum, Koerber foundation, Rosbalt news agenct),
  • International conference «About modern imperatives of international humanitarian cooperation and people diplomacy tasks» , RAMS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow, February, 29th, 2012.
  • 14th international congress «Kronberg talks Europe, Turkey and the Mediterranean – Fos-tering Cooperation and Strengthening Relations», Bertelsmann foundation. Istanbul, May, 14th -16th, 2012,
  • International conference «Common European tasks of defeating organized criminality, corruption and political extremism», Hans Seidel Foundation, Moscow, November, 13th  2012
  • International conference «Conservatism in Russia and Germany: Trends – Problems – Prospects, Conrad Adenauer Foundation, Moscow,  September, 20th -21st,  2012
  • 6th All-Russian political scientists congress ,  Russian association of political science, MGIMO, Moscow, November, 22nd – 24th,  2012
  • International conference «Russian and Germany – a basis of new architecture of European security», MGIMO, November, 23rd, 2012
  • Workshop «Eurasianism: ideology, politics or economy?», European dialogues forum, MGIMO, Moscow, December, 10th,  2012
  • International scientific conference  «Global governance and challenges of 21st century», Institute of Europe RAS, Moscow, December, 12th,  2012
  • 1st Eurasian conference  «Actuality of ideas of Nikolay Danilevsky and Oswald Spengler  in context of Eurasian Union establishing», Institute of Europe RAS, Moscow, April, 19th, 2013
  • Scientific conference  «Moslem communities in Russia and in the EU: clash of values?» PRIMAKOV NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF WORLD ECONOMY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Moscow, April, 23rd,  2013
  • Scientific conference  «Internal drivers of Russian foreign policy» PRIMAKOV NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF WORLD ECONOMY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Moscow,, February, 18th, 2013
  • Scientific conference  «European integration: impact on economic development of Central and Eastern Europe», Institute of Europe RAS, Moscow, December, 16th, 2013
  • International conference in frame of  “EUinDepth” project  European Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change. University of Goettingen, October, 23rd, 2014
  • Scientific conference «Post-bipolar Europe dilemma: territorial integrity or the right of nations to self-determination». MGIMO, Moscow, April, 21st, 2014.
  • International conference  “Partnership, Friendship, Dialogue”. University of Goettingen. June, 20th – 23rd,  2015
  • 8th German-Russian talks in Baden-Baden under patronage of Eastern committee of German economy. Baden-Baden, October, 05th – 06th, 2015
  • 1st international scientific conference «Islam and Europe – two poles, to worlds, one future», Institute of Europe RAS, Moscow, September, 12th, 2017
  • 2nd  international conference «Islam and Europe – will the migration crisis lead to the continent re-formatting?», Institute of Europe RAS, Moscow, Jume,  24th, 2019
  • International scientific forum «Russia – Germany in educational, scientific and cultural dialogue», Pskov state university, September, 16th  – 17th,  2021

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